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Lately, we have been receiving agressive spam emails and have been forced to eliminate all existing email accounts. We will no longer publish our company directory online and would like to apologize for the inconvenience we may have caused. Our new email accounts start with the initial of the first name followed by the surname of our team member. Should you experience any difficulty, please call our reception at 416.361.1902 or email us at info@eppstadtdesign.com.


Bill 124 - BCIN Compliance

Eppstadt Design Inc. is registered with the Director of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Building and Development Branch, and has a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN), having met the requirements of Bill 124, and is thereby entitled to engage in the business of providing design activities to the public subject to the conditions set out in Article of the Building Code. This qualification allows the studio to take legal responsibility for design activities, and obtain building permits as required for small buildings and large buildings.


www.eppstadtdesign.com is the official website of Eppstadt Design Inc.


Eppstadt Design Inc. is an award winning Toronto, Ontario based international interior design firm specializing in all areas of contemporary interior concepts for hotel, restaurant, corporate, retail, concept, product and residential interior design as well as branding. 
At Eppstadt Design, we provide our clients with current interior design solutions, focused innovation and creativity based on individual approaches. Our services to the client are based on a personalization of each project, and we closely analyze everything including the branding necessary for full visualization.
We also formulate detailed schedules, budgets, manufacturing plans and maintain close collaboration with construction supervision.
Eppstadt Design philosophies provide lasting solutions for interior design problems working closely with the client to achieve their commercial and personal objectives.

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EPPSTADT DESIGN INC. 132 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2B5 - T 416-361-1902 - info@eppstadtdesign.com